ICE SPINNER 56 Headset Blue
24 September 2020
ICE SPINNER 52 Headset Black
24 September 2020

ICE SPINNER 52 Headset Gold


ICE ”’SPINNER 52” integrated tapered headset IS42/28,6-IS52/40

The humble headset can be a glamorous part of your bike; a part that is often overlooked. The headset performs an essential function.  The ICE Spinner 52 in gold is functional and gorgeous to look at. The Sealed headset also has extra seals to take on the wettest of British weather. The high-quality bearing can take the ruffest abuse day in day out on any trail keeping your steering smoother for longer.


  • Colour: Gold
  • Headset Diameter: 1″1/8 Tapper to 1.5″
  • Type: Integrated
  • Upper OD: 41.8mm
  • Lower OD: 52mm
  • Angles: 45*45


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