ICE Rooky BMX Chainset 150mm
24 September 2020
ICE BMX Disc Brake Adapter for 10mm Axle
24 September 2020

ICE Rooky BMX Chainset 160mm External BB


ICE Rooky crank 2 pieces aluminium forged include external BB 160mm

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The ICE Rooky Cranks are one of the ultimate goals for any young rider. This light super fresh looking crank with its tear drop design in the crank arm really makes it stand out from the rest of the “plan Jane” cranks on the market; making every competitor cry in envy. All because they are a younger rider doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look lit on the track as well. This crank with its 5 bolt designed and square taper fitment means it’s never a problem when it comes to fittings for a BMX. Bolt Pattern: 5Bold BCD: 110 BB Fitting: GXP Colour: Polished Length: 160mm


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