ICE JAW 2 Pro 85mm V-Brake Blue
24 September 2020
ICE JAW 2 Expert 85mm V-Brake Black
24 September 2020

ICE JAW 2 Expert 85mm V-Brake Gold


ICE JAW 2,0 V-Brake Expert 85mm CNC V-Brake with Ashima Cartridge brake pads Gold


The new ICE ‘’JAW2.0’’ V-brakes!

Gold 85mm

A super-light brake, CNC from forged alloy fitted with some of the best brake pads on the market using ASHIMA cartridge pads and a flexible Aluminium noodle for a definitive smooth, responsive braking experience.

These brakes come with 50mm of movement for the ultimate position for your rim. The 110mm is perfect for any pro-size or cruisier frame.

This is the perfect brake for a rider looking for total control of their bike comprising a perfect blend of reliability and power resulting from its excellent modulation. The perfect solution to help you take the lead in any race.

  • CNC Alloy
  • Ashima Cartridge pads
  • Flexible Noodle
  • 50mm of Pad Movement
  • Gold
  • 85mm Arms


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