ICE Fast Disc Rear BMX Hub 36H Black
24 September 2020
24 X 1,60 Inner Tube
24 September 2020

ICE HACKER Disc Rear Hub 28H Black


ICE HACKER Rear DISK HUB 28H Black 120 Points of engament

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When you feel the need for speed!

The ICE Hacker Rear hub with its lightning-fast 180points of engagement will get you out of the gate ahead of the pack. This top-quality hub with a 6 pawl driver will stand up to the most powerful of riders. Being fitted with super-fast rolling sealed bearings you know it will always cope with whatever weather & track conditions you show it, giving you that racing edge to take the Win.

  • Aluminium internal axle and freewheel body, delivered with lockring
  • Color: Black
  • Drilling: 28 H
  • Delivered without sprocket


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