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24 September 2020
ICE Gate Pedals Black
24 September 2020

ICE Gate Pedals Blue


ICE Gate CNC Alloy Pedals Blue

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The saying ‘flat pedals win medals’ is around for a reason, ICE has the best choice of flat bicycle pedals for BMX and MTB. You’ll experience the latest in lightweight design, power transfer, and grip. The incredible performance from the latest in pedal technology has made these the pedal of choice for riders of all ages and ability.  Created from CNC aluminum with 10 removable pins per side. With all of these features and attractive & dynamic aesthetics, you’ll be able to put the power down in style.

  • 10 removable pins per side
  • Body size : 100 mm X 90 mm X 17 mm
  • 2 DU bushings + 1 bearing
  • Strong CNC Cr-Mo spindle
  • Extra thin for best ground clearance possible
  • Blue


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