ICE Blade BMX Chainset 165mm
24 September 2020
ICE Blade BMX Chainset 180mm
24 September 2020

ICE Blade BMX Chainset 175mm


ICE Fast ”Blade 2 pieces Aluminium forged cranckset (For Shimano BB Hollow Tech) 175mm

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The ICE Blade crack are some of the sharpest looking cranks on the market. Even more so at their amazing price point. Taking everything we have learned for our leading ICE Dragster cranks we set to make a more budget friendly option. Packed with many of the same features and high quality alloy used in our elite level crank. No mean the underdog these cranks will cut through any of the competition. ICE Blade BMX Chainset Bolt Pattern: 4Bold BCD: 104 BB Fitting: 24mm Hollow Tech Colour: Black / Silver Length: 175mm


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